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About us

We love all things Real Estate 

My passion is business creation & I've been blessed to be in a position to partner with a private lending firm who has the ability to get very creative with lending capital for real estate investing.

Most private lenders are tied to specific regions, property classes, asset types, and have a relatively rigid underwriting approach to qualify both the

real estate project and the borrower.  


We can be creative on all of the above.


I believe our niche is in our vision and capacity to raise capital. 

We can lend investment capital to borrowers with poor credit, little down payment, minimal experience and so on by offering creative terms such as an exchange of equity on the project, collateralizing a property other than the subject property, joint venturing, co-managing it and more. Terms and conditions are not set in stone and designed to help ensure the investor has the capacity to complete the project. To the untrained, it can easily look like VULTURE capitalism but the terms are very fair to ensure the lender is compensated for the additional work & risk. Naturally, we offer better terms for those with better credit, cash flow and experience. It definitely has risks and downsides. 

Real Estate Investing is not for everyone. People will feel rejected if the plan is denied. People lose money when things go wrong or do not keep up their end of the deal. This is not a path for the faint of heart but an opportunity to break out into a career that can create life changing results and generational wealth for those who are up for taking the next steps.


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